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Tuesday, July 21, 2009Traveliztera

Cardio workouts are awesome but don't forget the importance of weight training.

Have some weight training to increase your muscle mass which will result to an increased metabolism even at rest. Your muscles consume calories even at rest so if you increase your muscle mass, the calories burned also increases!

*** I am not a dietitian. I only like to design my own meals. I have read a lot of materials on nutrition and it still takes a professional to help you out with your meals. I'm just sharing with you the things I've eaten and will be eating just so I can have my own food diary and be pressured with the fact that a lot of people are reading what I'm eating. With this, I am helping myself as well as those curious others who want to follow what I am eating. Again, it still depends on your health status. Every person should have personalized meals because we all have different health states. The meals I will be putting here are my own and are not meant for any recommendation. Thank you. :)

These are what I have consumed this day:

1 cup of low fat milk + 1 cup of whole grain cereal
* estimated calorie count: < 300 cal

(I went to the gym at 11 AM and got back at 1PM)
1 cup of Nesvita drink
* estimated calorie count: 110 cal

1 cup of yogurt
* estimated calorie count: 110 cal

Tuna sandwich:
2 pieces of wheat bread
1 slice of cheese (60 cal)
1 tbsp of Mayo lite (this would be around 60 cal)
Tuna flakes with oil completely drained (literally the tuna flakes should be almost dry)
* estimated calorie count: < 300 cal

DRINKS for each meal: water/tea
DRINKS before and after workout: Fit 'N Right. (2 drinks before and 1 drink after= 270 cal)


Gym Workout:
-4 cardio workouts (a total of less than 30 mins.): <220
-Sets of weight training : couldn't estimate

1,090-220 = 870 cal today - the calories burned from the weight training

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  1. :/ thats.. like hell LOL not eating. O_o

    Anyway~ i think its better you eat for lunch what you eat for dinner~ kasi dinner nga its best not to eat so much coz.. matutulog ka nlng~ :3 i think lang.

  2. hehehe... actually, if u read my last diet diaries, my lunch and dinner are equal. i wasn't able to take lunch yesterday and just had a quick one because i went to the gym at 11am and got home at 1pm... i also read that you can eat even after 6 because the body doesn't care about the time. it is a fact that you should eat after every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism up as long as the allotted calories for that day are divided. :)

    i also need some calories in the evening (although i don't want to) because i eat dinner at 5:30PM and i stay up late until 1 or 2 AM so I will be in starvation mode for 7-8 hours... :(

  3. now THAT'S what i call a diet! good job! :D

  4. The most recent entry in my blog is similar to this. I was talking about cardio too! I agree that we can't totally let go of weights. If we're losing weight, we need to lift some weights to firm up otherwise we'll see those sagging arms, etc. We wouldn't want that.

    Are you keeping an online fitness journal? You can try my-calorie-counter.com. It gives you an estimate of the number of calories you burn with the activities that you do. They base it on your weight.

  5. true :/ i eat dinner din when i KNOW im gonna be up making plates... at least. that was when i was in college. LOL. now i eat dinner because i cook. GRR >_<

  6. hi russ :D yeah i noticed... i'm really a huge fan of cardio workouts but i lack some weight training which i badly need. :(

    i've been to that site and i think i've signed up there back then but i don't open that much... probably i'll open it tomorrow :) thanks for reminding me :D

    kuy - awww... d ka ba tinutulungan ng bro mo? :(


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