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Tuesday, July 21, 2009Traveliztera

*** I am not a dietitian. I only like to design my own meals. I have read a lot of materials on nutrition and it still takes a professional to help you out with your meals. I'm just sharing with you the things I've eaten and will be eating just so I can have my own food diary and be pressured with the fact that a lot of people are reading what I'm eating. With this, I am helping myself as well as those curious others who want to follow what I am eating. Again, it still depends on your health status. Every person should have personalized meals because we all have different health states. The meals I will be putting here are my own and are not meant for any recommendation. Thank you. :)

These are what I have consumed this day:

1 cup of low fat milk + 1 cup of whole grain cereal
* estimated calorie count: < 300 cal

Tuna sandwich:
2 pieces of wheat bread
1 tbsp of Mayo lite (this would be around 60 cal)
Tuna flakes with oil completely drained (literally the tuna flakes should be almost dry)
* estimated calorie count: < 250 cal

1 cup of Nesvita drink
* estimated calorie count: 110 cal

1/2 Korean instant noodles (lol... nainggit sa Boys Over Flowers)
* estimated calorie count: <250 cal

DRINKS for each meal: water/tea
DRINKS before and after workout: Fit 'N Right. wooot. Lol. (2 drinks before and 1 drink after= 270 cal)


Gym Workout:
3 cardio workouts (a total of 50 mins.): 330 cal lost

1,180-330 = 850 cal yesterday...

It is still best to eat the heaviest during breakfast because this is the time wherein your metabolism goes friggin' high! Lol. Start up your metabolism with a hearty breakfast. :P

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  1. It's good to write your thoughts, progress, anything related to your weight-loss. I've been doing the same thing. Aside from my account in a Fitness Journal, I have also been tracking down things in my blog.

    I was blog-hopping and saw your entry about Diet Diaries. Goodluck and cheers to losing weight. We can compare notes if you like.Ü

  2. Hi Russ!

    I'm going to check out your blog now. Thank you very much for dropping by... I appreciate your invite to your blog. I think the idea of comparing notes would be awesome. Thanks again! :)


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